Our specific work


With our primary objective being innovativeness, we have a team of versatile professionals with significant experience across the various sectors. Their diversity, stemming from prior experience in different jobs, positions them to execute a wide range of Corporate Finance transactions.

We provide advisory and structured finance solutions that give our clients a competitive edge in the market place. We use our accumulated transaction experience, industry insight and technical skills, solid research and strong analytical capabilities, which are critical for achieving success in mandate execution.

We offer advice on Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Raising (debt and equity) for corporate entities, and engage in valuation of businesses of all kind.


Restructuring is an alternative that companies sometimes choose when facing certain seminal events. We will restructure the assets and liabilities of your company, including your debt-to-equity structures, in line with your company’s cash-flow needs in order to promote efficiency, support growth, and maximize the value to shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders.

We move quickly and have the knowledge and expertise to manage the process of a financial restructuring so the company’s leadership can keep its attention on the business. We bring together the appropriate team of professionals to ensure the highest probability of success


Perhaps your business is growing and considering an acquisition, buyout or expansion, or may be facing cyclical challenges that require you to raise additional working capital; we help your company structure a financing package that includes equity, along with senior and junior debt. Our analysts take time to understand your company’s strategic needs, and structure appropriate debt and equity financing solutions to support them.

We will also work with you to design a marketing and syndication strategy that generates the broadest possible investor interest and helps you achieve your financing goals. We have broad expertise in equity and debt origination and are committed to providing sound, unbiased advice and superior service at every step of the capital raising process


Mergers and acquisitions are a big part of the corporate finance world though their occurrence in Ghana is sporadic. We identify companies that if merged would create shareholder value over and above that of the sum of the two companies. Value would be created through gaining greater market share or achieving greater efficiency.


We offer clients a depth of expertise in valuation that is unmatched. The value of a business is influenced by a diverse range of factors including industry cycles, the financial attributes specific to that company, the number of buyers in the market and wider economic conditions.

Every situation is unique. Our expertise lies in understanding and evaluating how all these and other factors come together at a point in time to determine the value of a given