The CM Fund is a balanced, medium to long term mutual fund which seeks to balance contributors’ risk and return by investing in a combination of equity and fixed-income securities which ensure competitive returns over the period of the investment. The Fund invests in both markets so as to take advantage of the benefits of diversification.

Funds are invested after careful fundamental, qualitative and quantitative analyses of potential assets. The CM Fund continues to be a market leader in terms of returns, having made over 1,000% return since inception in 2007. Clients are encouraged to stay on the Fund for at least three (3) years to maximize returns on their investments.

A minimum amount of GHS 100.00 is needed to sign up to invest in the Fund. Investments can be made as a lump sum (and/or with periodic top ups) or spread over a period with regular contributions (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually etc.).

Our goal is to achieve high yields while maintaining a certain desirable degree of stability and liquidity.


  • Professional Management: The professional expertise of the Fund Manager in the financial services industry is brought to bear on the management of the Fund to ensure superior growth. The investor is therefore relieved of the stress of scrutinizing and managing his / her investments.
  • Reduced risk: The Fund is well diversified through an excellent asset allocation hence the investor’s risk associated with investment is greatly reduced.
  • Convenience: Through its asset allocation strategy, the investor benefits from an array of financial instruments both on the capital and money markets with a single investment. Convenient options pertaining to redemptions and investment top ups are provided to clients via MoMo and direct deposit of cash, standing instructions, Direct Debit and transfer to our partner banks.
  • Unmatched Support Services: The Fund Manager provides financial and administrative support services to the investor. Reports and continuous investment advice are provided.
  • Easy access to your funds: You can have access to your money within five (5) working days upon notification through the appropriate procedure.
  • Diversification: You gain access to a wide variety of asset classes to diversify your risk

Our process


The Fund is available to:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate institutions as a medium to long term investment diversification strategy.
  • Pension and Welfare Schemes
  • Other organizations – churches, investment clubs, credit unions,

Social clubs, schools, etc.


Every investment has a risk element. Just like any other investment, CM Fund is prone to price depreciation resulting from stock market volatility and interest rate fluctuations on money market instruments.

The Fund Manager has over the years used its professional know-how to minimize the risk of price depreciation. It has continuously done this by investing in high performing equities and diversifying its portfolio.


The Fund is managed by SDC Capital Limited

  1. TOP UP BY MOMODial *737*70 on your mobile phone (ALL NETWORKS)
  2. Enter your full name, press SEND
  3. Enter the amount you wish to top up with (a minimum GHS 50.00) and press SEND
  4. Select the Wallet you wish to make payment from (i.e. GT Bank, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Money), press SEND
  5. Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction and SEND
  6. Approve transaction where applicable and SEND

Send a screenshot of the successful transaction notification with the transaction ID via WhatsApp to 0249590380 to confirm receipt of funds.

  • Walk into any GT Bank branch to pay in cheques and /or cash into the CM Fund Account (You do not, necessarily, need the account number to do this)S
  • sign up to the ACH Direct Debit to allow for deductions from your Bank account. (Deductions can be made from all bank accounts)
  • Setting up standing orders with our partner banks, i.e. GT, StanChart and GCB Banks. We can assist with setting up all the standing instructions.
  • Paying online through MasterCard, Visa Card, Mobile Money, GhLink via
  • Paying cash and/or cheques at any of the SDC Capital Limited branches.
  • Via USSD short code *737*70#. Allows you to pay directly from your Mobile Money Wallet or GT Bank Account.
  • Payment into the account with details below.
Bank name Standard Chartered Bank GCB Bank GT Bank
Branch name High Street High Street Ridge
Account name CM Fund Limited CM Fund Limited CM Fund Limited
Account number 0105004288900 1011130039540 20111046304